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With the change in position of planet Mars - PERSONAL CARE sector i.e, HUL, Colgate, Dabur, Godrej Industries, Merico, Godrej Consumer & JL Morison ect will be receiving strong astrological support.

Despite the withdrawal of concessions given by Centrol Govtt to the Automobile Industry, there was no fall in the prices of stocks of this sector. (Although most of the traders / investors including TV channels were expecting panic/ downfall in the stocks of this sector).This is due to fact that th

With change in planetary position HOUSING FINANCE stocks i.e, LIC Housing, IBull Housing, GIC Housing, Gruh Finance & Canfin Home ect will be receiving strong astrological support

With the change planetary position, now Media & Entertainment sector i.e, NDTV, Zee,, TV 18, Network 18, Dish tv ECT WILL BE RECEIVING STRONG ASTROLOGICAL SUPPORT.

With the change in Planetary position on 30th Nov 2014, Market behavior will change & for NIFTY, now it will be sell on every rise.



BE CAUTIOUS – Lord SATURN will be changing their house on 2nd November 2014. It may be that certain sectors which were continuously getting support for long time may stop receiving support due to change in position by Lord Saturn & stocks of those sectors starts coming down, resulting in losses. T

With the change in planetary position AUTO sector i.e, Maruti, TVS Motor, Eicher, Bajaj Auto ect will be getting very strong astrological support for next few weeks.

With the change in planetary position, OFFSHORE sector i.e, Dolphin Offshore, ABAN Offshore, Duke, Deep Industries & Selan Exploration ect will be getting strong astrological support for next few weeks..









16.30 TO 18.00


  • No body knows, how any particular news is going to impact market. Every day we have positive as well as negative news. If market up, then positive news copy pasted & if market is down then negative news is copy pasted. If no impact on market, then it was discounted.
  • 04-Oct-2014
    • PLANET MERCURY, which controls our mind (Buddhi) is transiting in Capricorn & is in retrograde position from 21st January 2015 to 11th February 2015. Be CAUTIOUS, as one is likely to take wrong decisions, resulting in financial losses, depending on its position in individual horoscope. Technical Analysts / researchers can be worst affected (since Planet Mercury is significator of this profession). Persons with Capricorn, Gemini, Virgo & Cancer rashi / ascendant need to be extra vigilant.


"Millionaires don't use Astrology, Billionaires do"

J. P. Morgan.

astrostocktips.in has been tracking stock markets for the last 45 years, with deep understanding of FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY. All day to day activities in this universe including stock market are influenced by movement of planets/ nakshatras in the zodiac
No stock of any sector would move upward unless that particular sector gets astrological support. » More..

Every year with commencement on new Samvat (Hindu New Year), astrologically, based on planetary position, certain new sectors start getting astrological support & outperform, while others remain laggard. Based on our experience of over 14 years as Financial Astrologer, stocks of such sectors outperform resulting in exorbitant gains irrespective of market behavior, either bull market or bear market.
During last samavat 2070 among other sectors - PHARMA & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY sectors were sectors which received strong astrological support & out performed.. For example in Pharma sector following stocks have appreciated over 100%.
Suven Life Science (279%), Aurobindo Pharma (270%), Caplin Lab (233%), Granules India ( 213%), Alembic ( 204%), Shilpa (205%), Astec Life ( 198%), ABL Biotech (197%), Indico Remedies ( 194%), Nath Bio Genesis ( 174%), Ajanta Pharma ( 158%), Elder Healthcare (153%),Sterling Bio ( 150%),Kopran (148%), Alembic Pharma ( 130%), Lincolin Pharma ( 107%), Shasun Pharma ( 106%),Sequent science (106%), Natco9 Pharma (101%) & Fulford ( 100%) & undernoted stocks in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY sector have moved up by 57% to over 300% :-
Tata Elxsi (320%), Persistance System (158%), Vakrange (131%), Hexaware (130%), Infinite Computer (122%), Mind Tree (121%) HCL Infosystem (122%), HCL Technologies (118%), Tech Mahindra (116%), Geometric (109%), Wipro (94%), Infosys (76%), TCS( 57%).
Relaxo Footwear moved up by 207%, Liberty Shoes by 140% & Mirza Internatinal by 105% in LEATHER sector, which was also getting strong astrological support during last Samavat.
To know, which sectors will be receiving strong astrological support in current Samvat 2071 & to achieve maximum gains, SUBSRIBE now

Predictions                                                 Testimonials
Mr. Satish Gupta, Financial Astrologist, has been forecasting movement of Stock Markets for the last 15 years based on thoroughly researched planetary configuration affecting specific sector and stocks covered there under and his recommendations have been found quite unbiased and give the 'Investor' a clear perspective for investment.
R M Sharma (Investor)

Viraf Siganporia
Subscribing to your prediction has worked wonders to my portfolio. I have been tracking many financial astrologer but Guptaji is the best of all. May god give you immense success in your career.

Pranam ! Today I am sharing my journey as a trader which may help many traders like me….

 I, like most new traders blew my account few times. Wasted tons of money  on many  tip providers.  To be honest took free trial from few hundred tipsters and took paid services from 25+. But most were useless and few fraud too. After going through all this I learned some Technical Analysis myself. Now the results improved but still consistent profits eluded me. Some losing trades took away profit of many winning trades. Here, I discovered that Nifty/Sensex performing well does not mean broader market performing well. It was actually only few sectors or stocks performing well and the rest  didn’t performed or even gave negative returns. Similarly  when Nifty crashed (2008 ) few stocks held up ( Cements ) and were literally immune to crash. I started looking for reasons for this.  Then with Gods blessing I came to know about astro support to stocks and specific sectors. In the process I started experimenting with a new set of advisers and luckily came across Satishji Gupta  !


Satish Sirjee explained that some sectors  outperforming broader market is true in all timeframes , even on daily, hourly basis. And the real reason behind this is astro support to them. This was initially hard to believe. I decided to go ahead and take his advisory. And the magic began… he was consistently in buy side for sectors like Pharma and IT. For IT , I personally saw many good analysts giving consistent sell calls and hitting stop losses consistently. Rise of pharma stocks is history now. Satish Sir gives sectors for the whole year. He also gives positions for broader market and selected stocks for very smaller periods like 1-4 days. To clarify let me give some examples from last few days …

1.      On 9th September he told us to book all longs by Friday 12th September and he again reminded us to exit all longs on 12th sept. It was strong weekly close and nifty spot closed near 8100+  . Most analysts were giving btst or buy calls. However I  followed him blindly. ..and on  15th , 16th  sept Nifty broke the so called invincible 8000 mark and crashed to 7927.   Most mid caps were bleeding and down by 7-20% and many front line stocks were down by 3-8%. Analysts blamed it on –ve news like BJP not performing well in bye elections, rumours of break up of Shivsena with BJP in Maharashtra and so on. So called  analysts started giving sell calls at lows giving lower tgts like 7800 and below. Thankfully we were saved. In the same period Satishji asked us to buy quality tech stocks. They were safe due to astrological support !

2.       On 16th evening he said buy textile stocks like Arvind, Bharat Forge on 16th these stocks fell 6-9 % . His view was that due to strong astro support textile stocks will recover fully irrespective of market in 1-3 days. On Wednesday 17th we bought Arvind, Bharat and they moved up huge. He also asked to buy IT stocks  like Mind tree, TCS, Infy. Movement of all these stocks can be verified for last 2 days!

3.      On 17th before market close we asked him about nifty expectations for 18th as there was big Fed event on 17th night. He replied 18th mkt should be fine astrologically. So anticipating a gap up, we took some long positions overnight but today nifty opened gap down ..he asked us to  hold all longs and within few minutes Nifty zoomed over 100points. His recommended stocks outperformed nifty today also.

I can share hundreds of such live examples covering longer time frames and even in smallest time frames. To our utter disbelief he often shares some important astro times during intraday and says that this stock or Nifty will start moving at this time as if he is the operator ! Unlike analysts who buy at breakouts and sell at breakdowns Satsih Sirjee is master of buying at bottoms and selling at tops because of his unique astrological calculations. In worse cases even if his recommended stocks fall due to any panic in market then also they recover fastest against all odds. This is the reason I know now, that his clients are associated with him for lifetime.

I strongly recommend all traders, investors, analysts to take guidance from Satishji and see the difference. Blending technical analysis with astrology works like miracles. Financial Astrology is divine science which very few understand ! I am divinely blessed to know him.

Deep Regards,
amitabh agrawal

This is Mrs. Lakshmi Ramchandran, investor and a trader in indian Stock market,
from mumbai , india.(9930998590)
since 2012 i know Shri. Satish Gupta. i have been trading and investing under
his guidance. till date he has given more than 100% sucessful trades and guidance.
i look forward to his weekly predictions , where in his sector wise astro predictions
always have given huge returns. I am sure many of his followers have equally benefited
from his astro guidance on stock market. looking forward to his many more posts and
guidance. thanks a lot satishji for your esteemed guidance.

Mrs. Lakshmi Ramchandran

Viraf Siganporia
There was an investor who told Zee Business channel not to misguide investor by astrologer's prediction. My strong reply to that man, if you dont have faith in astrology why are watching that channel. Are the technical analyst, fundamental analyst and brokers are not misguiding the investors. Technical analyst on tv changes their outlook every day from bull to bear market. I have recovered all my losses of previous years by consulting the Mr.Guptaji and have made profit. Keep up the good work Guptaji. Have a good diwali and new year greetings from my family.

Respected Satish Sir,
Personally I never thought of astrology can work in the stock market, after coming in contact with Satish sir the perception changed completely. The way he picked the stock and sectors when all technical and fundamental showing negative towards stock, but only astro says turn around and it happen again and again.
Latest example of Offshore company which nearly 30-40% gain in last one month (be at Aban, Dolphin, duke etc). Same goes for Banks as well he said buy banks during 1st week of October 2014 rest is history (all banks moves 20-40% and bank nifty moved 10% in just 5 trading sessions)
Hats off to satish sir and his study. Hope all the trader will get benefited from his stock picking. Lets get associated with him and get rick slowly and steadily.
(Investor & Trader)

Ur sector prediction is excellent
Time to time u update all

Raj Ratan Damani

Respected Sirjee,
Hats off to your market alert. Your alert that astrological position will be uncomfortable by end of November2014 & markets can fall was really perfect . Being honest I was in very bullish mental state. But due to your warning of astrological changes I booked my 80% longs byNovember end (almost near top) and initiated shorts also. Rest is history now...
Coming to the best part…on last Wednesday 10th December we were making near 270 points in nifty short and were about to book shorts. But you said.. “NEXT WEEK IS WORSE” I was shocked to hear that but really, really happy now.

Thanks a lot, lot.
Deep Regards,
amitabh agrawal
Next week, PERSONAL CARE sector - Hind Unilever, Dabur, Bajaj Corporation, Colgate, Merico & Godrej Consumers etc, PHARMA sector - Cipla, Glenmark Pharma, Sun Pharma, Divis Lab, Ajanta Pharma & Wockhardt etc AUTO ANCILLARY sector - Bharat Forge, Motherson Sumi, Amtek Auto, Lumax Auto, Auto line Industries & Clutch Auto etc & MINING & OFFSHORE sector - Sesa Sterlite, Aban Off Shore, Hind Zinc, Asian Granites, Dolphin Off Shore, Deep Industries, Selan Exploration & Ashapur Minechem will be receiving astrological support. AUTO sector will continue receiving astrological support. Buy ASIAN PAINTS on every decline.

Next Week, PAINTS sector - Asian Paints, Kansai Nerolac, Shalimar Paints & Berger Paints etc ,CEMENT sector - Indian Cement, Ultratech Cement, ACC, Ambuja Cement, JK Laxmi Cement & Manglam Cement etc., TELECOM sector - Idea, Rel Com, Bharti & Tata Communication & AUTO ANCILLARY sector, Bharat Forge, Motherson Sumi, Amtek Auto, Lumax Auto, Auto line Industries & Clutch Auto etc will be getting astrological support. LIQUOR & PHARMA sectors will continue receiving astro support.

Next Week, AUTO sector i.e, Ashok Leyland, Maruti, M&M, Bajaj Auto, Tata Motor, SML Isuzu & Hero Motor ect, FOOD PROCESS sector i.e, Jubliant Food, Milk Food, Usher Agro, Britannia, Nestle, GlaxoSmith, Vadilal Insustries & Flex Food ect, PERSONA CARE sector i.e, Hind Unilever, Dabur, Colgate, Godrej Industries, Baja Corporation & Merico ect & PLASTIC sector Jain Irrigaation, VIP Industries, Supreme Industries, OK Play, Hi Tech Plast & Multibase India ect will be receiving astrological support. Hsg Finance & PHARMA sector will continue getting strong astrological support.

Next week - AUTO sector i.e, Ashok Leyland, TVS Motor, M&M, Bajaj Auto, Maruti, Tata Motor, SML Isuzu & Hero Motor ect, AUTO ANCILLARY sector - Motherson Sumi, Amtek Auto, Gabrial ect, CEMRNT sector - ACC, Ultratech , Ambuja & Indian Cement ect & FOOD PROCESSING sector i.e, Jubliant Food, Britannia, Nestle, GlaxoSmith, Vadilal Insustries, Kohinoor Food ect will be receiving astrological support. BANKING/ FINANCIAL & TECHNOLOGY sectors will also be receiving astrological support.

Next week Hospital sector - Apollo Hospital, Fortis ect, Food Processing sector i.e, Jubliant Food, Britannia, Nestle, GlaxoSmith, Heritage Food ect & NBFC sector - M&M Financials, Sri Ram Transport, Bajaj Finance, Reliance Capital & SKS Micro ect & Liquor & leather sectors will be receiving astrological support.Buy Asian Paints on every dip.

Next week - Hospital Sector- Apollo Hospital & Lotus Eye Hospital ect,Auto Ancillary Sector -Motherson Sumi, Amtek Auto,Bharat Forge, Rico Auto, Minda Industries & JMT Auto ect & NBFC sector - M&M Financials, Sri Ram Transport, Bajaj Finance, Reliance Capital & SKS Micro ect will be receiving astrological support.PAINTS sector will also be getting astrological support.Accumulate Asian Paints on every decline.

Next week FOOD PROCESSING sector i.e, Britannia, Nestle, Glaxosmith, Heritage Food, Vadilal Industries, Chordia Food, Umang Diary ect , TECHNOLOGY sector - Tech Mahindra, HCL Tech, HCL Infosystem, Mastek, Mind Tree, Sonata.Tata Elaxi & Hexaware ect, AUTO ANCILLERY sector - BOSCH, Motherson Sumi, Bharat Forge, Amtek Auto, Gabrial India, JMT Auto, Exide ect along with PHARMA sector will be receiving astrological support. Accumulate Apollo Hospital on every dip.

Next week, TECHNOLOGY sector - Tech Mahindra, Infosys, TCS, HCL Tech, Mind Tree, e clarx & Hexaware ect, AUTO sector - Tata Motor, TVS Motor, Maruti, M&M, Eicher Motor & Hero Motor ect, HOSPITAL sector - Apollo Hospital, Kovai Medical, Opto Ciruits, Dr Agarwal Eye & Indraprastha Medical etc along with LEATHER sector i.e, Bata, Liberty Shoes, Mirza International & Relaxo Shoes ect.will be getting astrological support. Accumulate Housing Finance stocks on every dip. Keep close watch on Arvind & Century.

NEXT WEEK - HOSPITAL sector i.e,Apollo Hospital, Kovai Medical, Opto Ciruits, Dr Agarwal Eye & Indraprastha Medical etc, AUTO ANCILLERY sector - Motherson Sumi, Bharat Forge, BOSCH, Amtek Auto, JBM Auto ect, FOOD PROCESSING sector - Sita Shree Food, Chordia Food, Ruchi Soya, Britannia, Nestle & Jubiliant Food ect & LEATHER sector -Bata, Liberty Shoes, Mirza International & Relaxo Shoes ect will be getting astrological support. Buy Century / Arvind on dips.

NEXTB WEEK - AUTO ANCILLERY SECTOR -Amtek Auto, BOSCH, Bharat Forge & Motherson Sumi ect, FOOD PROCESSING SECTOR - Foods & Inns, KRBL, Kohinoor, Britannia, Nestle, Bombino Agro & Jubiliant Food ect, FINANCIAL SECTOR - M&M Financials, IDFC, LIC Housing, I Bull HSG, DFHL, Gruh Finance, GIC Home, IFCI, OBC, Syndicate Bank, BOB & Bank Nifty ect & TECHNOLOGY SECTOR - Buy Wipro, OFSS, HCL Tech, Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Mind Tree, Hexaware, Geometric & KPIT ect along with AUTO SECTORS WILL BE RECEIVING ASTROLOGICAL SUPPORT. PHARMA & CEMENT SECTORS WILL CONTINUE GETTING ASTROLOGICAL SUPPORT.

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With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (12.04.2015) " Next week - Auto Ancillery, Telecom, Mining & OffShore & Liquor sectors will be receiving astrological support." During the week, in AUTO ANCILLERY sector - Amtek Auto, Motherson Sumi, G S Auto, Menon Pistons, Autolite Industries, Banco Products, Schrander Duncan & Bharat Seats moved up by 7-14%, in TELECOM sector - Idea & Tata Communication went up by 4- 4.5% & in MINING & OFFSHORE sector - Sesa Sterlite, Aban Off Shore, Selan Exploration, Deep Industries & Asian Oilfields shot up by 5-40%. G M Brewery, United Brewery & Radico Khaitan were up by 4.5-9% in LIQUOR space.
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (04.04.2015) “ Next week Auto, Food Process, Pesrsonal Care & Plastic secto0rs will be getting astrological support.” During the week, in AUTO sector - Force Motor, TVS Motor, Atul Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra went up by 3 - 7%, in FOOD PROCESSING sector- Bambino Agro,Jubilant Food, Milk Food, NHC Food & Himalya International moved up by 7-15%, in PLASTIC sector – Pearl Polymer, Jasch Industries, Plastiblends India, Jain Irrigation, Bright Bros, & Embi Industries ect shot up by 11-20% & in Personal Care sector – Merico, Godrej Consumers, Godrej Industries, HUL, Emami & GKB Opthalmics ect moved up by 4-10%.
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (29.03.2015) " Next week, Auto, Auto Ancillary, Food Process & Hospital sectors will be receiving astrological support." During the week, in Auto sector - Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motor, Maruti, Force Motor & Kinetic Eng moved up by 2- 7%, in Auto Ancillary sector - Bharat Gears, Phoenix Lamps, Sundram Fastner, Munjal Showa, Samkrg Piston, Bharat Forge & Shanti Gears moved up by 7-12% & in Food Process sector - Vadilal Industries, Flex Food, Usher Agro, Gold Coin Health & Milk Food moved up by 8-13%.Dr Agarwal, Kovia Medical, Indraprasthe & Lotus Eye went up by 7-16% in Hospital space.
Present Market Lot Symbol Revised Market Lot w.e.f MAY 2015 250 ABIRLANUVO 125 250 ACC 125 8000 ADANIPOWER 4000 8000 ASHOKLEY 4000 500 ASIANPAINT 250 500 GLENMARK 250 4000 HDIL 2000 2000 HEXAWARE 1000 500 HINDUNILVR 250 500 INDUSINDBK 250 250 INFY 125 4000 JSWENERGY 2000 1000 LICHSGFIN 500 250 LT 125 250 LUPIN 125 1000 SKSMICRO 500 500 STAR 250 1000 SUNTV 500 1000 TATACHEM 500 1000 TATACOMM 500 500 UBL 250 1000 UPL 500 500 WOCKPHARMA 125 500 YESBANK 250
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (22.03.2015), " Next week, Hospital, Food Process & Auto sectors will be receiving astrological support." During the week, in Hospital sector - Apollo Hospital, Regency Hospital, Fortis Health & Dr Agarwal went up by 7-14%, in Food Processing sector - Chordia Food, Britannia, Vadilal Industries, Kohinoor & NHC Food moved up by 5-19% & among Auto sector - Mahindra & Mahindra, TVS Motor & Ashok Leyland moved up by 3-4.8%.
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (15.03.2015) “ Next week- Auto Ancillary, NBFC, Paints & Hospital sectors will be receiving astrological support. “. During the week, in Auto Ancillary sector - BOSCH, Brake Auto, ANG Industries, Jamna Auto, Hindustan Hardy & Rasandik Eng moved up by 4-14%. In NBFC sector - Muthoot Capital, Gruh Finance, M&M Finance, HDFC, LIC Housing, SRTRANFIN & SKS Micro went up by 4-8% & in Paints sector – Asian Paints appreciated by 3.9%. Apollo Hospital shot up by 8% in Hospital space.
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (15.03.2015) about Hospital sector. in last 3 trading sessions Apollo Hospital appreciated by Rs. 100 (7.25%).
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (8.03.2015) " Next week - Hospital, Auto Ancillary & Food Processing sectors will be getting astrological support." During the week, in Hospital sector - Apollo Hospital, Lotus Eye & Fortis Health moved up by 6-20%, in Auto Ancillary sector - Bharat Gears, Minda Industries, JMT Auto, Hella India, Exide & Rico Auto moved up by 5-12% & in Food Processing sector - Jubliant Food, Glaxo Smith, NHC Food, Gold Coin Health & Orient Beverages went up by 4.9-22%
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (01.03.15) " Next week - Hospital , Technology & Auto sectors will be receiving astrological support. Also accumulate Arvind & Century Textile. During the week, in Hosptal sector, Apollo Hospital went up by 10% & hit all time high. In Technology sector - Geometric, Mastek, HCL Infosystem, e clarx & Tata elaxi ect moved up by 8-36% & in Auto sector - Escorts, Atul Auto, Force Motor, Ashok Leyland, Kinetic Eng & SML Isuzu moved up by 3-16%. Arvind & Century were up by 6-10%.
With blessings of Lord Ganesha, predicted last week (15.02.2015) " Next Week, TECHNOLOGY, FOOD PROCESSING & AUTO ANCILLERY sectors will be getting astrological support". During the week, in Technology sector - TCS,Eclerx, Rolta, Tata Elaxi, Geometric, Take Solutions & Axis Cadre moved up by 5-35%, in Food Processing sector -Flex Food, Venkey’s, DFM Fod, Ruchi Soya, Chordia Foods ect shot up by 10-50%. went up by 10-50% & among Auto Ancillery sector - Motherson Sumi, Kalyani Forge, BOSCH, Talbro Auto,Bharat Forge & Jamna Auto moved up by 7-16%.

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Stock trading involves high risk. The predictions made herein do not connstitute an offer to sell or solicitation to buy any of the securities mentioned. No represntations shall be entertained that the predictions made herein will be profitable or otherwise. Readers using the information contained herein are solely responsible for their actions. The information is based on our personal assesment / judgement and we shall not be liable for any losses and damages.

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